About Program

A Greener Morton is a program dedicated to helping Morton businesses, large and small, apply sustainability practices that lead to financial savings and a stronger customer base. The program is free and locally developed and operated by the Morton Economic Development Council. Every business is encouraged to register, take our simple assessment, and begin applying the basic practices that will help you save money, improve our environment, and attract new customers that care about your company’s commitment to sustainable practices. Create your account today and get started!

Top 3 Scores

The following companies received the highest scores for the Sustainability Assessment.



New Single-Stream Recycling Campaign!

Reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfills is in integral part of becoming more sustainable; one important and simple way to do this is by recycling. In order to encourage and assist businesses in recycling, A Greener Morton is creating a new Single-Stream Recycling Campaign.

Single-stream recycling is by far the easiest and most convenient type of recycling, as all recyclable material may be placed in a single bin without sorting. Currently, only 9% of Morton Chamber Members recycle. Our goal is to increase that number to 25% by July of 2014.

To help businesses transition, we are providing recycling stickers that can be affixed to existing trash cans and flyers outlining what materials are recyclable. To take part, you simply sign up for recycling services can with Grimm Brothers or Waste Management. 

Businesses that sign up for recycling services will have their commitment to recycling and sustainability recognized. Each businesses that signs up will receive a Window Cling that can be displayed at their business showing that they recycle. Additionally, every quarter, we will release a report in local newspapers, social media sites, the Morton EDC newsletter, and our website with a list of businesses who have adopted recycling programs. 

Why Should My Business Join A Greener Morton?

If your business would like to save some green by going green, this is a simple and local way to get started. The program was developed with both large and small businesses in mind, which means you won’t find fancy terms that don’t make sense or big budget projects that small businesses can’t afford. Unlike LEED Certification, A Greener Morton is focused on sustainability practices within an existing building….not the construction of a new one. Sign up and take our assessment. You might learn a few things you can do immediately to begin your green journey!